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Prelux LED Lighting | Prelux IP65 Nightowl LED Floodlight Range
The Prelux Nightowl IP65 LED floodlight range comes in standard, PIR or RGB models and is available in 10W up to 150W versions.
prelux nightowl, led floodlights
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NightOwl LED Floodlights

CE, RoHS, SAA, Approved

40,000 Hour Lifetime

4 Different Models Available

The Prelux NightOwl LED Floodlight Range

The Prelux Nightowl IP65 floodlights are produced to the highest standards and incorporate the latest in LED Technology.
The standard versions are available in 10W up to 150W and the PIR versions from 10W to 30W. Ideal for applications such as security lighting, landscape or sign lighting.
Available in Standard, PIR or RGB with a 3 Year Warranty.
  • NightOwl Pearl Standard Data Sheets

    • 30W 2400Lm Pearl Standard > Download Data Sheet
    • 50W 4000Lm Pearl Standard > Download Data Sheet

  • NightOwl Pearl PIR Data Sheets

    • 30W 2400Lm Pearl PIR > Download Data Sheet
    • 50W 4000Lm Pearl PIR> Download Data Sheet

  • NightOwl Standard Data Sheets

    • 10W 700Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet
    • 20W 1400Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet
    • 30W 2100Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet 
    • 50W 4000Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet
    • 70W 5200Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet
    • 100W 7200Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet 
    • 150W 11500Lm Standard > Download Data Sheet 

  • NightOwl Standard PIR Data Sheets

    • 10W 700Lm Standard PIR > Download Data Sheet
    • 20W 1400Lm Standard PIR > Download Data Sheet
    • 30W 2200Lm Standard PIR > Download Data Sheet 

  • NightOwl RGB Data Sheets

    • 30W 700Lm RGB Flood> Download Data Sheet